14.04.2018    09:59    4487

Within the framework of the studied discipline "Civil Society", on the initiative of Fatima Muminova, professor of the faculty of "SGS", the first-year students of the faculty "International Economic Relations" of the UWED met with the employees of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan.

The conversation at the round table took place in an interactive form, was informative and very interesting. Heads of departments, consultants of the UzLiDeP party Sardor Maripov, Sarvar Ibrokhimkhanov, Sandzhar Avalboev told the audience about the structure of the party organization, its goals, tasks, peculiarities of the work of the "Youth wing".

During the discussion, the students asked various questions, they were interested in whether communication with similar parties in foreign countries was carried out, how monitoring was conducted to identify unorganized youth in need of employment, whether the party could give loans for young business start-ups, etc.

Attention students were presented slides, issues of the newspaper "XXI Asr", distributed booklets, materials, which covered the multi-faceted activities of this party organization. At the end of the meeting, many students expressed a desire to participate in the activities of the "Youth wing" UzLiDeP, held in Mirzo Ulugbek district, where the UWED is territorially located.