22.02.2018    12:03    4612

On February 21, 2018 a training devoted to the art of managing people and yourself was conducted in the youth initiatives "Insight club" with the participation of students of “International Relations” faculty. The participants focused on the question “What should be a successful leader?”. It was stressed that success in leadership depends on the one who is able to inspire other people, lead them to achieve their goals and is able to convince members of their team without hesitation to accept their life values. During the training there was a discussion devoted to John Adair's book "The Art of Managing People and yourself" In his book, the author offers time-tested, yet progressive, well-tuned and effective tools for enhancing motivation, developing leadership and communication skills, using ergonomic time management. A number of cognitive exercises were performed on the topic of the training. Participants spoke about continuing work on the issue of human management.