18.11.2017 5316

From 16.11.17. on 17.11.17 within the framework of IMEP Erasmus +  there was a conference "Project partners meeting / conference - WPs results, discussions, activities for the second half of the project" in Samarkand.

The conference was attended by European partners from England, Greece and Latvia, deputy minister of the MSSA, a representative of the British Council, national partners from UWED, TGPI, Medical Academy, GNMTS, BSU, NfmSU and SamI.

The conference heard presentations of working project coordinators and brief reports on all working packages.

Particular attention was paid to FP4 (student involvement in the learning process) and FP5 (the involvement of employers in the learning process).

A training was conducted on working with employers with the active participation of employers SamIiYaz, and also presentations were made by UWED students and BukhgU about their participation in educational activities.

The conference was also addressed by the European coordinators.