18.12.2017    09:12    5333

The annual student scientific conference (this year the 10th), dedicated to the day of adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, traditionally organized by the Legal Clinic of the UWED and the Department of "International Private and Civil Law", was held on December 13, 2017.

The conference was attended by students of 2-5 courses of the International Law Faculty, as well as deputy dean of the Faculty of IL U.A. Yakubkhodzhaev, Professor of the Department of State Construction and Law R.Yu. Yusuvalieva, and head and curators of the Law Clinic - Z.S. Ubaydullaev, G.N. Mayorova, I.A. Cherkashina.

The conference was opened by Ubaydullaev Ziyodulla Sagdullaevich, who congratulated all participants of the conference on the 25th anniversary of the adoption of Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, dwelt on its importance for the development of the country and the need for its knowledge and understanding by every citizen.

A number of students made presentations on the most urgent topics, they are as follows; Issues of globalization and its impact on the development of legislation; Reforms in the field of criminal procedural law affecting the protection of human rights; Business and human rights; Influence of the analysis of the regulatory impact on the effectiveness of the adopted legal norms and their implementation; Issues of economic development of the country by expanding the activities of various organizational and legal forms of legal entities with the participation of foreign partners; Problems arising in connection with surrogate motherhood.

All participants of the conference actively discussed the issues considered during the event and decided to publish the results of the conference.