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The first day of the festival, namely the 22nd February, commenced with the discussion about “The perspectives of strategic partnership between People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Uzbekistan”. “The Chinese week” festival was opened by the rector of the university, A.Djumanov and the advisor of Chinese Ambassador in Uzbekistan, Zhou Yanhui.

During the discussion the Dean of International Relations, M.Baxadirov and the Dean of International Economic Relations, M.Khamdamov made speech about  “the political and economic partnership between The People’s Republic Of China and The Republic Of Uzbekistan” and answered questions given by students regarding the partnership. Furthermore, the students of UWED namely, O.Tanbayev, M.Xudayberganova and K.Abdikarimov spoke about “ The Silk Road economic belt”, “ the partnership in the sphere of energetics between the People’s Republic of china and The Republic Of Uzbekistan”, “ the partnership to provide the regional security of the Cenral Asia and the People’s Republic and China in Shanghai Cooperation Organization”. At the end of the discussion the participants got answers to their questions and discussed them together.

“Chinese’s characters day” namely, the second day of “The Chinese week” was held at “the Chinese Research Data Centre” of UWED. There, the director of language center, M.Siddiqova and the Chinese teacher, Vang Djingrong together made a presentation about how to write  the Characters of Chinese language. Moreover, among three Faculties “Zakovat” which fully included questions about the characters of Chinese language was organized. In the interesting and hot game “Zakovat” the winner team was “International Economic Relations”.

“The art of Chinese fight” day was organized in the tennis court of UWED. On this day, students dressing in the national clothes of China and the symbol of Chinese people, called “Panda” which is regarded as “ the treasure of the country”, welcomed and invited participants to the tennis court. The event was opened by the deputy rector, O.Sheraliev and the representative of the People’s Republic of China Embassy in Uzbekistan, Vang Chenguang. During the day, the students showed several actions related to the national gymnastics called “Taijichuan”. Among the faculties different attention grabbing ancient Chinese games and sport competitions were held. Besides, the experts of Chinese sport attracted the attention of the gathered people with their awesome actions.

On the “Chinese films’ day”,  the students were given chances to witness and watch the films about the culture, traditions, clothes and festivals of China. Furthermore, films related to the modern appearance of China and economically developed cities gave valuable information to the students about the present China.

“The Chinese language and culture day” was held in the active hall of UWED. The ceremony was opened by the rector of UWED, A.Djumanov and the ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, Sun Lijie. The students on this day danced for the Chinese music, sang Chinese songs and showed the dance of dragons.

Moreover, the video dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Chinese department grabbed the attention of the participants of the ceremony. In this video, not only the history of the Chinese department but also the congratulations in Chinese language of UWED students pursuing their study at abroad was presented. The contest “Who knows Chinese better” among students gave a great opportunity to show their abilities.

At the closing ceremony of “the Chinese week” the Ambassador of Chine in Uzbekistan, Sun Lijie and representatives of the Embassy appreciated the students’ knowledge regarding the china and its language and culture.