01.12.2017    16:03    6149

The team of students of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy took the third place in the project of start-up initiatives organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan in cooperation with UNDP, the Agency for Science and Technology, the Youth Union of Uzbekistan and the South African organization SASOL.

Team BESTTEST.UZ, consisting of the coordinator of the project  Shodlik Nazarov, the manager of tests Chingiz Orynbayev, marketer Alina Yuldasheva, and coder from the Inha University Shohrukh Shokhnazarov, went from the beginning of the project till the end and took the third place in republic competition.

Out of the 419 initial applications only 40 projects were selected in the semifinal. And only 19 reached the finals, and only 15 of them were able to submit their projects to the jury and investors. During the project, a website was launched where entrants in real time in 3 hours and 20 minutes can compete with each other and compare their knowledge. For a little more than six months, 10 such on-line tests were conducted, the number of registered on the site reached more than 6000. Moreover, Shodlik Nazarov patented this technology, and also "Quick Study" became a resident of Mirzo Ulugbek Innovative Center. The market of entrants is quite capacious, that is why BESTTEST.UZ already has a lot of competitors, but there is no analogue to the project, as it is possible to predict the preliminary competition for admission to the university on the site.