18.02.2016    11:25    25226

The University of World Economy and Diplomacy on February 17, 2016  hosted a round table discussion dedicated to the year "Healthy mother, healthy child" on the topic: Healthy lifestyle, food culture are the most important components of life of the youth.

Members of the Institute for Health and Medical Statistics, Tashkent city branch  Shirinova A.Ch, Mirsultanova Kh., Toshmatova G., Siddikova Sh.Kh., Aliyeva A.R. were invited to the round table discussion. The talk was lively, students asked questions they were interested in and got truthful, argumentative answers.

The meeting was attended by the students  from all faculties, teachers, supervisors,  staff of the medical center  of UWED, women activists and members of the committee, the club "Girls-leaders."

The meeting was held by the Сhairman of Women's Committee of UWED, Professor Sultanova E.S.