22.11.2017    09:13    6510

On November 20,  in the subject "Pedagogy. Psychology "for students of the 3rd year of the faculty “International Law” a master-class was held. He was invited to a practical psychologist, a graduate student of the National University of Uzbekistan the name of M.Ulugbek, Gazieva Zuhra Ergashevna. The master-trainer gave the lecture material to the listeners, a presentation on the theme "Personality structure". I drew attention to socio-psychological factors affecting the worldview and beliefs of students, the degree of awareness of these categories by the individual. Special mention was made of the importance of the process of socialization in respecting norms and sanctions in the society. In order to consolidate the knowledge received by students, the psychologist conducted a number of cognitive exercises. On the topic were voiced questions, given advice related to the enrichment of the spiritual beginning, the experience of the emotional-volitional sphere of man. The conducted master-class aroused great interest among students.