21.11.2017    08:58    6485

On November 19, "UWED WEEK" week announced a marathon under the slogan "We are for a healthy lifestyle!", Held at the initiative of students of the Faculty of International Relations. This project was implemented in Ecopark located in Mirzo-Ulugbek district. This interesting sports idea is based on the propaganda among students of the principles of a healthy lifestyle, the introduction of healthy consciousness and faith, healthy ideas and thoughts. Students and teachers of the university took an active part in the marathon. Before the run, warm-up exercises were performed, then the project leaders acquainted the participants with the instruction. The treadmill of 1 kilometer was overcome with an exuberant spirit and a vengeance. The winners were awarded medals and memorable prizes. The marathon gave all the participants a good mood and good spirits. We wish all teachers, employees and students to be in a whirlwind of grandiose week-long events in UWED.