21.10.2017 9606

October 19-20 in the club of youth initiatives "Insight club" with the participation of students of faculties, a training was held devoted to the disclosure of personal resources. Participants discussed issues related to the setting of life goals, the assertion of high ideals and independence. It was stressed that the success of self-realization of personal opportunities depends on the degree of development of skills of self-awareness, social activity, the ability to correctly set tasks and achieve them. During the training, students were given the opportunity to practice in acquiring sensory experience of knowledge, developing a culture of behavior and speech. The exercises aimed at self-expression and the image of "I" in the social world were used. The conducted training contributed to the acquisition of positive energy by participants, helped to raise the level of motivation in establishing communication links and emotional communication with each other. The students of the faculties "International Relations", "International Law" actively participated in the work of the training under the guidance of the teachers Aziza Abdullaevna Usmanova and Feruza Holmatovna Usarova.