On the 10th of February there was a demonstration of the film “Qiyomatga qolgan qarz” for the 1st and 2nd year students during a regular session led by supervising professor at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy. The film was devoted to bringing up commitment and love to the homeland , developing a patriotic spirit in young people’s minds, strengthening the feeling of responsibility of parents and mahalla residents for the lives of the coming generation. Besides, the film touched upon the issues that concern young people who move to foreign countries for the purpose of easy money and turn into homeland’s betrayers.

Comments of the students on the occasion of the film watched:

“The film hits a raw nerve. Our peers go abroad in pursuit of profit but are taken prisoners of terroristic movements. I call to you for being alert and cautious.”

“The content of video materials unmasks disrespect of youth towards their parents, family, mahalla. It reveals the loss of conscience and honour.”

“This is equivalent to betrayal of the homeland.”

“This film calls us to being alert, following up the things happening today, deep analyzing and making correct conclusions.”