20.10.2017    15:19    7856

On October 16, an excursion to the Tashkent Polytechnic Museum took place in order to implement spiritual and cultural events and organize free time for students. The exhibits of the museum are devoted to the achievements in the field of technology. The history of world engineering, the most widespread in the twentieth century brand of cars such as "Wolksvagen Juk", "Moskvich 400", "GAZ-13", "Chayka" was presented to students. A special place was given not only to retro cars, but also to modern models of cars. Everyone was impressed by the exhibits of the Kokand and Khorezm region. These works are a symbol of craftsmanship, high technique of automotive art in our country. The students of the International Law faculty, led by the curator of the Department of State Construction and Law, Nargiza Kadirova, took an active part at this event. The visit made a great impression on the students.