18.10.2017 8756

17 October students of the Faculty of International Relations of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy visited the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan. They got acquainted with the new exhibits and artistic creativity of the children of the circle of fine arts, opened at the Gallery. Acquaintance with the works of the artist-designer Rafael Yenaliev had a huge impression on the visitors. Thanks to the fascinating and professional story of art historian Nigora Sharafkhodzhaeva, the students received a vivid idea of ​​the importance of the creative community of the artist and master of applied art, the designer who gives the author's picture realism and expressiveness. Touching upon the masterpieces of the famous Dutch artist Ronald Klyaer and the master of aesthetic design of Raphael Yenaliov's paintings, future experts in the field of world politics once again deeply realized the enduring humanistic value and force of contemporary art.