15.06.2017    17:59    16313

On June 14, 2017 during a curatorial hour a discussion under the motto “We are against smoking and drug addiction!” took place in the Information Resource Centre of the university in the framework of the month’s “Against smoking and drug addiction” campaign. A Senior specialist of the Department “Health and Environment Projects” of the Central Council of the YSM “Kamolot” Juraev Zoxirshoh, a narcologist of the Republican Narcological Center Toirov Jura, an associate professor of the Department of International Economics and International Economic Relations Turaeva Suria Telmanovna, a chairman of the Council of University Supervisors Usmanova Aziza Abdullaevna were also invited to participate in the talks. The guest speakers in their speeches urged the youth to be against smoking and drug addiction. Moreover, the specialists advised to be adherent to leading a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the meeting, the students who won a “Best essay” on the given topic were awarded with certificates and valuable presents.