29.05.2017 21275

On May 26, 2017 teachers of “International Trade and Investment” of the UWED Yadgarova N.T. and Turdibaeva M.M.  conducted a conversation on professional orientation with third-year students of group AFR 1-14 of the academic lyceum under the UWED. During the conversation, UWED teachers talked about the subjects taught at the department of International Economic Relations, in particular at the department of “International Trade and Investment”. They also discussed possible prospects for professional work after graduation of the university. The lyceum students listened attentively and showed interest in the conversation. They asked questions about the number of subjects in a semester and the number of slots during the week. International conferences held at the University, student exchange programs and international relations of the university with foreign universities were also the topics of interest for the youth.  

In addition, M. Turdibaeva conducted a test-questionnaire in order to determine the vocational guidance of the students according to the method of the Center for Testing and Development of the Moscow State University "Humanitarian Technologies". At the end of the test, the students were able to determine their aptitudes to a profession. As it turned out, most of the students are inclined to occupations that require knowledge and ability to work with sign systems, for instance, economist, engineer, programmer, editor, accountant and others.