16.05.2017    16:31    15841

On May 12, 2017 an event entitled “Fire safety rules and prevention of fire accidents” was organized by the University of World Economy and Diplomacy with the support of Fire Safety Department of Mirzo Ulugbek district.  Major R. Hikmatov and fire safety inspector Sergeant B. Djumanov took part in the event.

The information about the prohibition of using unlicensed electrical devices, aggregates and gas appliances, as well as negative consequences of using these household appliances, was brought to attention of the participants of the event.

The participants watched the videos demonstrating disastrous fire incidents during the period from January to April 2017 in Mirzo-Ulugbek district of Tashkent, which occurred in residential premises and governmental organizations. During the event, students and employees of the university were informed about implementing fire safety rules and obeying the law about “Fire safety” of the Republic of Uzbekistan.