01.05.2017    14:27    16610

Since May 1, 2017, the first issue of a special edition of UWED Life magazine - UWED Analytics is available in the reading hall of the Library of UWED. The edition contains the articles of the winners of the contest "The Best Analytical Article" and the following students:

  1. Abdunabiev Nurillo "15 лет ШОС: Становление. Развитие. Перспективы"
  2. Umarov Davlat "Модель ШОС - инвестиция в развитие публичной дипломатии ШОС"
  3. Gulomjonov Abdumalik "Global financial crisis"
  4. Choriev Makhmayakub "Узбекистан на пути новых реформ гражданского общества при новом лидере".

UWED Analytics is the first step to develop writing skills of UWED students. The new edition of the Magazine is designed to create favorable conditions for the professional development of students. Articles for publication are accepted constantly.