11.04.2017    10:10    17974

On 6-7 April, in the sprots fields of UWED the sporging competitions of the club " Vatanparvar" of YSM Kamolot as well as a friendly match in volleyball among girls devored to Internation Health Day.

Students of 1-5 years of study of IR, IER, IL (23 participants) participated in the competitions (millirary). The program of competition included relayrace, crossfeet, pulling up, tug-of-war and raising kettle ball of 16 kg. According to the results of the ompetition:

1st place- the faculty of IER, 18points,

2nd place- the faculty of IR, 14 points,

3rd place- the faculty of IL 4 points.

Competitions passed with active engagement of IGF and physical training", Department og Morality and Enlightenment, YSM Kamolot. The competition were in a very high emotional level, with students supporting their teams.

Girls of IER competed against the team of IR and IL in volleyball. As a result of long and persistent competition, the team of IER won the match with the score 2:1.