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On April 5, 2017 during a curatorial hour, a discussion dedicated to the role of the Code of Temur in education of young people was held in all academic groups of UWED. In the talk the central attention was paid to the national values ​​which were restored in the period of independence as well as beautiful customs, rituals, spiritual roots and rich legacy of our ancestors. It was noted that Amir Temur was a great commander, statesman, jurist, talented builder, spokesman, who was recognized as the basis of spirituality of our people left great spiritual heritage for our people.

It was underscored that during the ruling of Amir Temur, various factors influenced scientific, cultural and social life. This manuscript  “the Code of Tumur” narrates about the interests of the people and the state,the issues of education and nurturing  of young people.

The legacy of the "The Codes of Timur" helps to form  of the world outlook of the young people, follow the principles of loyalty, conscience and justice, love the Motherland, as well as to be adherent to the ideas  of the country. The theme  sparked hot discussion. A video about was the life and work of Amir Temur was demonstrated  to students.