04.04.2017    10:17    19891

On April 3rd , 2017 the students of all faculties participated at a discussion dedicated to the theme "Religious extremism and terrorism is a threat to the future of young people." The dialogue was held at the Students' Residence Hall.

The conversation emphasized the relevance and importance of this issue for education of students. The importance of the struggle for keeping the moral awareness of a person in the period of globalization changes was highlighted.

The issues regarding serious ideological threats which can be faced in ideological struggle have been given careful consideration. The devastating consequences of the ideas of great-power chauvinism, religious extremism as well as terrorism were identified. Eradication of carelessness, indifference, detachment among young people as well as protecting them from the influence of mass culture has become an important task us. Promotion of healthy lifestyle is a priority nowadays.

In the course of discussion a comprehensive exchange of views on the topic took place.