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On the 31 of March 2017 students of TCI UWED have hosted a festival devoted to one of the most interesting pages in the history of US - “Country Culture”. In accordance with the dress code of the festival most of the students and guests of the “Chequered Saturday” were wearing checkered shirts, cowboy hats, neckerchiefs and other paraphernalia of cowboy fashion. The festival has been conducted in English. The participants of the event had a chance to learn a lot about the New World, hard labor at the cotton plantations, rodeo, cult of weapon, country music etc. Specially decorated hall, short videos and pictures accompanied by country music helped to create a wonderful atmosphere of this holiday. Poems, sonnets, odes and cowboy tall tales captured all by their sincerity and the beauty of the English language. The Cowboy Line Dance performed by the UWED students has become a real hit of the festival program.

It goes without saying that the main highlight of the festival was the performance of three bands organized on the platform of TCI UWED. The Rock Ambassadors presented a number of music pieces delivered in the country rock fashion. The Ozone Layer impressed the viewers by singing country songs using a specific set of musical instrument like banjo, wash board, harmonica etc. These two excellent bands were followed by another musical band - The Roots. A song called Chariot performed by this band in the style of spiritual has caused a storm of emotions and long ovations.

An outstanding performance of Janna Kim – an excellent banjoist from Tashkent- has made everybody dance while sitting. The Foggy Mountain Breakdown played in the Blue Grass style conquered the hearts of all participants. In conclusion of that beautiful festival they conducted a contest on the best cowboy costume which had only added more charm to the event . The final note of the festival - the anthem of TCI UWED Babel Tower has involved the whole full house in joint chanting.

TCI UWED students are regularly called to interpret all kinds of events at MFA RU and many other state and international organizations in this country. This festival has become one more bright page in the chain of various cultural events conducted by the organization within about 10 years of its work.