The main aim of the conference is to raise the knowledge level of the French language in their public speech to enhance the ability of the development of reasonableness, critical and ideological viewpoint and consists of teaching analysis of the data.

Among the invited guests, there were some outstanding people such as Sh.Sh. Minavarov, who is the president of the French Alliance in Tashkent, together with all members "French language section" of the "Roman-Germanic languages Department  and the students who study the French language as a foreign language

Sh.Sh. Minavarov opened the conference. Mr. Minavarov congratulated all visitors of "UWED Francophonie Week" with the opening of the festival and shared his hope to organize this ceremony at a high and precious harmony.

This conference was attended by 10 speakers. All reports were presented  at a high level. Students showed their interest to the language by answering all the questions of the guests with their deep knowledge and the ability to attract audiences interactively

Even during the coffee break the guests and students continued to discuss about the topical issues of the conference.

On the last day of the Francophone Week, Students, who took part in the conference, will be awarded with diplomas at concert events.