27.03.2017 20923

The celebration of Navruz fest was held at the University of World Economy and Diplomacy on March 24th, 2017.  This holiday symbolizes renewal, purification, prosperity and unity. Everybody could feel the festive mood watching a theatrical performance in the Main Hall of the university. The concert program was proceeded by the festival poems and songs, fun and jokes. In the artistic performances of students, the peculiarities of national traditions and rituals of our ancestors were demonstrated. Then, the festive procession was continued in the courtyard of the university.

A national cuisine contest was held among all faculties and the food for it was prepared by teachers and students of the university. The table was full with viands ranging from green samsa and chuchvara, khalim, sumalak, ruddy cakes to sweets. At the same time national sports competitions were held on the sports grounds of the university. The games on tug-of-war, darts, lumbar kurash, throwing dumbbells as well as kite launching were performed by students. At the end of the celebration a festive dastarkhan was laid at the university canteen for teachers, students and university stuff.

Congratulations to all on this wonderful spring holiday Navruz!