17.03.2017    17:33    20380

On March 13, 2017 an open lecture was organized for the 3rd year students of the Faculty of International Relations. A member of the Association of Psychologists of Uzbekistan, psychiatrist-narcologist, psychotherapist, a doctor of the higher category Lilia Zhavdatovna Muzaffarova was invited as a guest Lecturer. The aim of the lecture was to familiarize students with the "I-concept" and give practical recommendations in self-knowledge and self-evaluation of personal opportunities. The lecturer drew the attention of the students to the key concepts of the topic. She highlighted the main socio-psychological characteristics of training the specialists in the sphere of international relations.

The lecturer delivered the speech on details of scientific and theoretical concepts of importance of self-knowledge category of the individual, self-awareness as a subject of one's own physical and psychological capabilities, self-appraisal of personal values and presenting oneself from optimistic and worthy positions. Constituents of the "I-concept" – "I-ideal" and "I-real" were illuminated during the meeting. Furthermore, the problems of individual self-actualization in society, ways of achieving success and effective use of internal reserves were touched upon.

On top of this, all abovementioned was substantiated with a lot of examples, and valuable advices were given. At the end of the lecture, the students turned to the lecturer with questions and subsequently they received appropriate answers.