23.02.2017    13:20    19986

On 21 February 2017 within the series of regular scientific seminars Laboratory of Conflict Studies at the IR Department of UWED has held research workshop. Speaker of the seminar N. Muminova, Senior Lecturer, PhD has presented report on “TNCs in International Relations: Theory, History and Modernity”. Head of the IR Department Associate Professor Khasanov U.A., Professor Tulyaganova N.U., Associate Professor Muminova G.M., Senior Lecturer Zaripova Z.A., as well as by students of International Relations School took part in this seminar. Issues of the relevance of the research topic focused on the importance of the political context in the activities and operations of TNCs, scientific research and developments of both foreign and Uzbek scholars on the discussed matter, historical perspective of British East India Company as a prototype of contemporary TNCs, the geopolitical strategies of TNCs and their role in the foreign policy of the country was reviewed by author.