16.02.2017    11:34    19921

On February 15th, during the curator’s hour, in all academic groups a lecture- discussion dedicated to the theme «The noble and creative qualities of Zahriddin Muhammad Babur are considered to be a source of education and good example to follow» was held. In the context of a lecture the multifaceted heritage of the commander was much mentioned. Accordingly, these memories could help students personify his life and his works. Eventually, the students were given a floor to read out excerpts from the poetry collection of the Zahriddin Muhammad Babur. The students touched upon the annals of the Timurid dynasty and drew attention to that fact that Babur demonstrated strong interests in poetry at an early age. It was noted that Babur followed in the footsteps of his father and he was faithful to the doctrine of Sufism.        

At the end of the lecture-discussion presentation about the life and work of Babur was demonstrated. The presentation generated a lively discussion among the students.