17.02.2017    09:00    20246

«The exhibition named the Babur that we knew and didn’t» devoted to the 534 birthday of the greatest poet, historian and commander Zaxiriddin Muhammad ibn Umarshayx Mirzo Babur took place in the Resources Centre of the university.

The compilation of the verses left by Bobur is profound and deep in meaning. His verses demonstrate his own relationship to the historical events, private life, the environment he was surrounded by, customs and traditions and the people of his time. The lyrics of the poet is enriched with the of A. Navoiy. The talks of theirs in the form of letters are conserved till our time.

He could profoundly demonstrate the relationship between individuals, love, friendship, the strive for beauty and other problems in his quatrains and verses he appreciated highly revered such a superior humanly feeling as love in his verses.

Books, encyclopedias, newspapers and journals where his works were published were present in the exhibition.