19.01.2017 21748

The students of the faculties of International Law and International Economic Relations were given an opportunity to attend an open lecture, which was organized on January 18, 2017. The associate professor of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Ph.D., Head of Department of "Pedagogy and Psychology" Bakhtiyor Nazarovich Sirlyev was invited as a guest Lecturer. The purpose of the lecture was to present a detailed explanation   of social and psychological aspects of training in the sphere of jurisprudence to the students. The Associate professor B. N. Sirliyev outlined the structure of the lecture and focused students’ attention on essential terms. The lecturer highlighted the main socio-psychological characteristics of training in the field of law and emphasized the importance of studying human psychology and knowledge of communication secrets aspects of the legal regulation of interpersonal relations and stress management. Much attention was paid to preparing of professiogram for experts in the field of jurisprudence as well as clarification of the requirements for it. A set of examples on a subject was presented for students. During his presentation B.N.Sirlyev demonstrated exercises aimed at preventing stress and also the lecturer gave valuable advice to the listeners. At the end of the lecture the students asked interesting questions and got the  complete answers .