16.12.2016    14:52    18747

The senior lecturer of “International Relations” department Z.Zaripova made a report on the theme of “Non-traditional threats in Central Asia problems of drug trafficking”. In her speech, the lecturer highlighted the importance of the aspects connected with the emergence of this danger, drugs as global threats. According to the statistics on the growing power of this menace in a global level, the regional specificity of the emergence of current threats as well as the dynamics for the last few years is evident. In her report, the lecturer underscored the aspects of distribution of drugs in the region and measures undertaken by the countries of the region in the combating with this threat. A separate part of the report was dedicated to Afghanistan, its role and place in the production of drugs as well as to estimations of American, Russian and European experts in the situation in Afghanistan in modern level. Z.Zaripova suggested students to get more knowledge on the reports about drugs United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) In World Drug Report 2016.

Students and professors of the faculties “International Relations” and “International Economic Relations” took part in the session. After the presentation, guests, speakers and the students moved on to discuss the topic.