14.12.2016    17:05    19831

During the meeting the created conditions for education of healthy generation of our homeland, providing worthy conditions for obtaining modern knowledge and achievement of new tops, and a possibility of realization of abilities and opportunities of youth have been noted.

For these purposes there are all national legislative conditions which are constantly improved.

The law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "About the state youth policy" of September 15, 2016 became a peculiar new stage on this way. This law fixed and enhanced mechanisms of implementation of the provided policy. Also strengthened responsibility of officials whose activities it is closely connected with questions of providing the rights and legitimate interests of youth.

Besides, the created ample opportunities of implementation of the rights and interests of the person, a role of youth in development of our country, also judicial and legal reforms performed for years of independence were explained to participants of a meeting. Thanks to this meeting students could gain broader knowledge of judicial authority, structure and powers of court, and had an opportunity to visit the museum of judicial system of the Republic of Uzbekistan founded by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan.