03.11.2016    19:28    21303

Within the framework of the UNESCO Club under the UNESCO Chair on International law and Human Rights an intellectual game-quiz was organized for the 4th year students of International Law faculty.

Five teams of the faculty participated in the quiz. Jury-members were the Head of the Chair Ph.D. A.Muminov, Deputy Dean F.Tashev, teachers of the UNESCO Chair F.Khamdamova, U.Yakubhodjaev and S.Usmanova.

The quiz consisted of 4 rounds. During the first round questions were on the history of the UN, on the activity of the UN and its organizations in the current period, on the UN Secretary Generals as well as the UN member states.

The second round was dedicated to symbols and the UN attributes, third round - competition of the team captains - was devoted to the provisions of the UN Charter.

During the fourth round the participants were asked questions regarding the cooperation between the UN and Uzbekistan. In particular, issues related to the initiatives put forward by Uzbekistan at the 48th and 50th sessions of the UN, the UN Secretary General’s visits to Uzbekistan, UN documents, to which Uzbekistan co-authored, UNDP’s activity in Uzbekistan, etc.

According to the results, the first place was taken by the group 1-4a 2013, the second place - by the group 1-5a 2013, third place -by the group 1-3a 2013. The participants were awarded with precious prizes.

The event was very interesting as well as informative and went on in a creative mood. It is pleasant to note that the students showed their high level of awareness and deep interest in the activities of the UN.