03.11.2016 21938

On November 2, 2016 during the curator’s lesson there was hold a talk on the theme “We are for healthy lifestyle”. The leading specialist of Tashkent anti-tubercular dispensary №1, doctor-ftiziatar N.G.Shklovets, a doctor of 4th family clinic of Mirzo-Ulugbek district I.F.Sharapova and supervisor of the institute of health and statistics Sh.Х.Siddikova were invited to the talk. They explained the main reasons of tuberculosis, its dissemination and forms of prevention. Moreover, they drew everybody’s attention to the questions of girls’ preparation to the family life. The specialists gave consultations on unwanted pregnancy, protection measures, following the hygiene and sanitation rules. Presentations and video materials helped to demonstrate the gist of the topic. All first-year girls-students of 3 faculties took part in this conversation.