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On 26 October, 2016 during the curator lessons were held  the discussion on the topic of “ Sticking to the rules of traffic movement”. The discussion was dedicated to the fulfillment of “ The program of measures in educational institutions according to the article 05/13-1 since October 5th, 2016 signed by the deputy chair of the commission on the provision of safety on traffic movements, deputy prime minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan B. Zokirov”. During the discussion the special attention of students who owned their private car was paid to the fact that they should stick to the rules of traffic movement, not to be in transport accidents, to be careful to the passengers, pay attention to traffic lights and pedestrian areas so that their car should be in a good condition and they should have skills of professional driving. At the end of the discussion, a social roll about drivers and pedestrian areas who didn’t follow the rules was presented. The topic of the discussion made students interested and involved them in discussions.