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On the 4 October 2016 students of the Training Center for Interpreters of UWED had again hosted the International Translation Day celebration. This year International Federation of Translators offered the following slogan for the day - “Translation and Interpreting: Connecting Worlds. TCI and the administration of the University carried out a big scale preparation to celebrate this holiday. Invitations to take part in the holiday had been sent to several international organizations accredited in RU, representatives of more than 10 universities of Tashkent as well as to professional interpreters operating in this country.

In his welcoming speech rector of UWED A. Djumanov  pointed out a growing need for training interpreters in our country. He said that Uzbekistan has a high profile in the world and similar to diplomats, politicians, sportsmen and representatives of other professions interpreters are seriously contributing into the growing image of our country.

Deputy Director of British Council J. Gulyamova underlined the importance of training interpreters at this stage of international relations development. She expressed hope that UWED will stick to the tendency of bringing together universities of Tashkent, sharing its experience with them and holding together the joint events of this sort.  

TCI UWED alumni told the audience how much they appreciated the skills and general knowledge they received in the course of studies at TCI UWED. They expressed their gratitude to the UWED for helping them to achieve feasible results in their work.

Director of TCI UWED prof. B. Samadov called the students not only to study foreign languages but to acquire interpretation and translation  skills too. He said that interpreters are really instrumental to help to unite people of different nationalities and cultures.

Participants of the holiday enjoyed a versatile program of the event which was presented in a well decorated conference-hall of the university. UWED students as well as students of other universities of Tashkent demonstrated their talents turning the event into a real feast. Rock- Ambassador, a newly born musical band of UWED, became a real highlight of the holiday. At the end of the celebration all participants of the holiday joined together to sing Babel Tower - anthem of TCI UWED.  According to TCI UWED tradition the event had been held in English.