On 24th of September, 2016 in order to implement the law «On the state youth policy» in the framework of the year healthy mother and child, by the teachers and students of University of World Economy and Diplomacy was organized tour to the Olympic Glory Museum.

The exhibitions of the museum are devoted to the development of sport in Uzbekistan, conditions to attract the population, especially the youth to sport and physical training, historical dates retelling about Olympic Games in different years.

Notable attention was paid to the specially prepared exhibitions among the displayed stands. In particular, the achievements of our champions in Rio-de- Janeiro including the medals won by the Paralympic sportsmen made a grand impression.

A movie about the 23rd Olympic Games at Rio-de-Janeiro was displayed at the end of the excursion. The visit to the museum enabled all mentors and students to feel greater national pride and respect towards Olympic champions and young sportsmen of the country.