Training Center for Interpreters UWED has been set up on the basis of the order of the MFA RU # 407 of 04.16.2008 “On preparatory events to organize a Training Center for Interpreters under MFA RU” and the corresponding order of the UWED rector # 818 of 10.06.2009  “On organization of the UWED Training Center for Interpreters within the framework of the MFA RU and UNDP Uzbekistan project”.  

TCI UWED is aimed to provide professional skills to the students aspiring to comprehensively improve their command of foreign languages which should meet modern requirements based on rich national and international human values. Students of the Center are supposed to be trained to use consecutive and simultaneous interpretation and learn the rudiments of cross-cultural communication. One of the principal objectives taken into account while setting the center up was the role of the UWED of the MFA RU to train national personnel of modern type to further improve political and economic development of Uzbekistan.  

The main objectives facing TCI UWED are:

  • to train students of UWED, students and graduates of other higher educational schools of this country into interpreters who would be able to work for the bodies of state management of Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • retraining of  state bodies’ specialists and physical entities to acquire interpreting skills and rudiments of cross-cultural communication; 
  • setting contacts with educational centers overseas, experience exchange and probation for the teaching staff of TCI UWED at the world leading schools of interpretation;
  • working out specialized guidelines to train interpreters, develop instructional materials on theory and practice of interpretation;
  • hosting conferences, workshops, roundtables, training sessions involving leading specialists of state bodies, organizations, and international foundations as well as experienced interpreters of this country and leading countries of the world.

TCI UWED training program includes classes on oratorical speech, note taking, reformulation, compression, syntactic development, anticipation and generalization as well as the equipment control in the booth etc.

Enrolment of students into TCI UWED is carried out on the basis of special entrance tests.      

Head of the Center: Samadov Bakhodir Abdumannanovich


Updated: 11.08.2017